We are ready to reopen!

  • We employed “Healthy Giant” to provide New Zealand’s ZOONO long-acting antimicrobial sanitization throughout the school during the suspension. The ZOONO spray solution was able to kill pathogens to prevent an outbreak with its antibacterial effect lasting for at least 1 month. Continuous spray sanitization has covered every corner of the kindergarten, including toys, furniture, outdoor playgrounds, classrooms, desks and chairs, toilets, entrances and exits, etc.
  • We will ensure good ventilation within our school by keeping doors / windows open. Fans and ventilation fans are employed to maintain good ventilation in classrooms and Special Room; Sufficient fresh air is also ensured while air-conditioners are on. We also clean the filters regularly.
  • 1:99 diluted bleach is applied at least twice a day to sterilize objects that students may often touch, shared property, and the floor.
  • Each classroom is equipped with hand sanitizer and air purifier. Hand wash and disposable paper are provided for parents’ and children’s use.
  • After school starts in June 2020, we will provide each K3 student a pack of face masks (30 pieces)
  • Each child is required to sanitize the bottom of their shoes against the sterilized carpet, measure their body temperature, and sanitize their hands upon entering school. Hand sanitization is performed again after entering school.
  • We keep reminding our students of maintaining personal hygiene, covering their nose and mouth while sneezing or changing their mask as necessary. We also advise them to dispose of the used tissues or masks into a covered rubbish bin followed by washing their hands thoroughly. Hands must be washed thoroughly before and after having meals.
  • After using the toilet, children are advised to put down the toilet cover.
  • We will continue to use ZOONO 24 hand sanitizer for cleaning students’ hands before they enter the school. ZOONO 24-hour hand sanitizer can be used on various surfaces, including human skin. It does not only comply with international food safety standard but also remains effective for 24 hours (upon skin). For more details, please visit http://www.zoonobiotech.com/tc/index.htm.