School Support

On-Site Pre-school Rehabilitation Services (OPRS)

We have participated in the OPRS which enables children who are waiting for pre-school financial aids because of their special education needs to enjoy necessary training at school during the critical years of their development.

Pilot Scheme on Social Work Service for Pre-Primary Institutions

We have also participated in the Pilot Scheme on Social Work Service for Pre-Primary Institution which aims at identifying pre-primary school children and their family members with potential risks and rendering them intermediate intervention, professional counselling, or referrals. In addition, the scheme helps pre-primary school children cultivate positive emotions and social life as well as develop their resilience and problem-solving skills. It attends to the needs of pre-primary school children, their parents and caretakers, and teaching staff alike.

Tuen Mun Church Family Service Centre

Tuen Mun Church family service center provides counselling to parents of students of our educational organizations, church members, community members of Tuen Mun, parents and children. Christian counselling services, treatment and training are available by appointment. In terms of crisis prevention, we hold thematic seminars, workshops, and group activities on how to prevent family problems. As for treatment, individual or family treatment or counselling is provided depending on the needs of service recipients. Our training includes family courses, peer-group counselling courses, etc.
The prevention, treatment, and training aforementioned is to enhance the physical, psychological, and spiritual wellbeing of people of different age and to engage them as community members. It also facilitates healthy family life and interpersonal relationship.


Our chaplain, appointed by the Church of Christ in China Tuen Mun Church, provides morning / afternoon services, group worships, prayers, religious activities for children, celebration for Christmas and the Easter, Fellowship, etc. They support the physical, psychological and spiritual development of parents, children, and teachers.

Overseas Exchange

To provide opportunity our teachers understand the teaching models and cultures of kindergartens in different countries, we regularly arrange our teachers to visit kindergartens overseas and conduct professional exchange, e.g., Korea, Singapore, Okinawa, etc. Throughout the exchange period, the cohesion of the teaching team would be fostered along with increased mutual understanding and exchange which is translated into augmented team morale.

Fellowship, Prayers’ Group

We hold fellowship and prayers’ group for teachers who can share their care and prayers together with which their mutual understanding is strengthened.

Teacher Development Day

To facilitate our teachers’ continued development, we regularly hold Teacher Development Day on which our teachers are informed of different teaching approaches and knowledge.