How to Apply

01 Admission Form

Submission method

  • Application for the 2024-2025 school year will be available starting Friday, 15 September 2023.
  • Online Application
Those who successfully complete the registration process will receive an email confirmation immediately.

  • In person

Download from school website or obtain from school in person.



Please have the following documents ready when apply:

-Copy of your child’s recent photograph (passport size);

-Copy of your child’s birth certificate (real copy and copy);

-3 return envelopes (sticks of HK$2.2 stamps)

-Application fee: HK $ 40 (collected together with the application form). The application fee is non-refundable regardless of the success of the application.

* Please have a scanned copy when completing the online application.

In person Registration Period and Place

  • (Mondays to Fridays) Time: 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. /2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • (Saturdays) Time:9:30 12:00 noon
  • The Church of Christ in China Tuen Mun Church Hoh Fuk Tong Kindergarten / Nursery
  • G/F, Tip Mo House,Butterfly Estate,Tuen Mun


  • Application for the Registration Certificate for Kindergarten Admission
    • Education Bureau (EDB) will implement the Free Quality Kindergarten Education policy
      starting from the 2017/18 school year. Under the new Scheme, EDB will use the “Registration Certificate for Kindergarten Admission” as the document for registration in the school year.
    • Parents must submit an application for the Kindergarten Admission Registration Certificate to the Education Bureau.  It will be open for applications in September, the Education Bureau will announce and upload the details of the application to the Education Bureau’s website in due course.

02 Interview Arrangements Interview Arrangements

Interview Arrangements

-The kindergarten will arrange interview for all applicants.

-Interviews will be conducted on November.

-Interview appointments to be notified by email.

-Group and/or individual interviews will be arranged.

-Parents should accompany their child for the interview.

If translation service is required, please contact us.

Tel: 2467 5078 / Email: [email protected]

For NCS children

Admission results announced

We will notify parents of their enrollment results by email(successful applicants) and email (waiting list) in early December

Admission Criteria

-Interview performance
-The applicant with sibling(s) currently studying in the kindergarten will be given due priority consideration
Parent/  Brother/ Sister is a graduate of the school
-With the same religion with our school
-Consider family needs and special situation (For Whole day class only)
-Close proximity.
(As the number of school places are limited, please understand that not all applicantsfulfilling the priority consideration will be guaranteed a school place.)

03 Registration Arrangements

Successful applicants

  • Successful applicants(Class K1): Parents should complete the registration procedures   for their child from 4 to 6 January 2024 by submitting the Registration Certificate for Kindergarten Admission (RC) / Kindergarten Admission Pass (AP) and paying the registration fee, $970(half day student only)/ $1,570(whole day student only)
  • Successful applicants(Class N1): Parents should complete the registration procedures for their child from December 2023 and paying the registration fee, $970(half day student only)

Applicants on the waiting list

  • Applicants on the waiting list(N1 & K1): We will call parents by email/phone if needs, parents should complete the registration procedures for their child according to the specified date set by the school. Parents are required submitting the “RC” / “AP” and paying the registration fee, $970(half day student only)/ $1,570(whole day student only)


  • Should parents decide to change school after registration, please notify the kindergarten in writing. The kindergarten will return the “RC” /“AP” as soon as possible but the registration fee will not be refunded. Upon obtaining the “RC” / “AP”, the kindergarten will no longer keep the school place for the child.
  • Please be reminded that if parents cannot submit the” RC/AP” during registration, the kindergarten may not be able to complete registration for their child. Hence, parents are required to submit application for the Registration Certificate to EDB within the specified period.